"All of us who are part of the online world are giving away pieces of our identity, inviting other people and organizations to become part of ourselves and changing who we are.


If you still think you're the sole owner of your identity, it's time to take a closer look."

Rooly Eliezerov

The Digital Idenity Crisis

How the explosion of personal information is transforming technology, business, and society.


The Digital Identity Crisis explores who we are when so much of our data is stored online, and so little of that data is actually owned and controlled by ourselves. While consumers continue to say they are concerned about the use of their data, they also increasingly share personal information with corporate entities, governments and a widening circle of friends and associates.

The book explores the trends shaping identity, including business issues, policies on identity data privacy and ownership, and the future of decision-making informed by identity data.

Who should read the Digital Identity Crisis?


For businesspeople, as well as anyone interested in the privacy and ownership of their personal data, Identity Crisis uncovers how identity data is being used by marketers and how individuals are expressing their preferences in the digital world.

For all businesses, the data they hold about their customers is becoming the most valuable asset they own. This book reveals the latest in what organizations can and can’t do with data, both from the customers’ perspective and from a regulatory angle. Going beyond economic considerations, the book describes the trends that are forming us as human beings, as our identity is increasingly digitized.

About the Author


As president and co-founder, Rooly Eliezerov leads Gigya’s overall product strategy and development. Rooly began his career in architecture, but felt limited by the constraints of physical buildings, which, once built, could be easily adapted to the needs of people. 


Rooly thus chose to focus on designing virtual environments in the digital world, moving into the Internet advertising and marketing industry, with a focus on product development. He, along with Eyal Magen and Eran Kutner, founded Gigya in 2006, guiding the company through multiple stages of funding and strategic pivots. Over the course of eleven years, Gigya grew into the acknowledged leader in the customer identity management space, before being acquired by SAP in September, 2017.


Before joining Gigya, Rooly served on the board of Metacafe, held the position of General Manager at SmartShopper and was the VP of Products & Marketing at Hotbar. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Pratt Institute in New York City.

Speaking & Book Signing Engagements

Adobe Summit | Las Vegas | March 25–29, 2018

Book Signing | Foyles, Level 6, London | April 18, 2018

KuppingerCole EIC | Munich | May 14-18, 2018

Vivatechnology | Paris | May 24-26, 2018

Sapphire | Orlando | June 5-7, 2018

ISBM | Boston | August 8-9, 2018

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Who owns our identity?
How do successful companies use identity data?
Will privacy regulation change anything? 
Will relationship management replace traditional marketing?
What’s the ultimate way for us to prove who we are?
Are the three classic authentication factors enough?
How will artificial intelligence become part of our identity? 
What happens to people who record everything about themselves?

"...one of the most important things of the book is that with these challenges also come unprecedented opportunities..."
— Neil C. Hughes, Tech Blog Writer

"Who better to respond to these concerns than an architect turned Internet obsessive?"
— Kim Davis, Editor-in-Chief, DMN

"Rooly is a delight and a wealth of information"
—Rick Limpert, The Tech of Sports

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